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Zucchini Relish and Squash Relish

So I have another 13 pounds of blueberries picked! My 16-year-old helped in the pouring rain. It was sprinkling when we got there but then it poured for about 30 minutes. I told her since we drove there we weren’t leaving without at 1 full bucket. Well, it only took about 45 minutes to get the 13 pounds picked. I was very proud of her for sticking it out in the rain. We talked and laughed and enjoyed our morning immensely.

So many zucchini and summer squashes…..Just mixed a batch of veggies for a new relish. Currently I have

14 cups of zucchini

2 cups of summer squash

6 cups of onion

1 lb carrots

4 large green peppers

3  purple peppers

1 white pepper

1/3 coarse kosher salt

mixed and sitting for the night.