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10 Days of Whole Foods Challenge

Well, I am seriously considering the 10 days of whole foods challenge. Thinking of making it a 30 day adventure to begin with though. Have to do a little more research before I present it to the family. Yes, I have been known in the past to try different healthy living plans. I really am trying to find the one that works for our family. This one actually seems attainable since we rarely eat out and live in a rural area where local meat is actually easy to attain. When we had 4 teenagers in the house we were known to buy a 1/2 a steer locally and fill our freezer. We can and have done the same with fish, pork and chickens. Veggies in the winter are harder but I currently can or freeze: tomatoes, peppers, corn, green beans and peas. Guess I can check into adding more and some fruit. For today I will begin the research phase.