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Fish Fry

We had a really nice fish fry last night. I realize a fish fry isn’t that healthy…….moderation is the key.  We had freshly caught walleye, blue gills, and a few perch, with fresh sweet corn on the side. It was an amazing night! Good friends and family made the night just wonderful. We had good food and great conversation. The moon was bright red as it rose above the tree line. The higher it rose the whiter it got and gave off a bright glow that lite up the yard. Then we noticed fire-flies flitting around and no matter how old I get their magic never stops fascinating me.


Returned from camping

Just returned from camping on the beautiful shores of Lake Huron. It was our first trip without any of the 4 children. The boys were off doing their own thing. Izzie was in Ireland and Bex at volleyball camp.

Survived a tornado warning. It hit about 10 miles up the shore and thankfully no one was injured. My husband did stand outside holding the awning (metal rods) down on the pop-up. Not a good idea we know.

Visited the Port Austin Farmer’s Market on Saturday. The mushrooms were amazing according to Todd. We grilled them along with some blush peppers, red onions and grape tomatoes that we found there. Drizzled them with olive oil a bit of pepper and salt yum! Served it along side mesquite-lime chicken and beef which was amazing.

Picked up a loaf of Italian Bread to have with my canned roasted red pepper spread I’d brought along.

Our other find at the market was tamales! We enjoyed those while sipping on margaritas with our toes in the sand.

It was a much enjoyed vacation and think Todd and I will survive the empty-nest once it gets here!