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Successful Farmer’s Market

Well, my farmer’s market experience has been a success! I have enjoyed it and have sold my wares. By day a work my “regular” job and then in the evenings I have been canning. Two nights a week for home use and Two nights for the farmers market. I did have a horrible experience with the jalapeno jam making though.

I forgot to wear gloves! I cut up and seeded 48 jalapeno peppers without gloves, not a smart thing. My hands were on fire for about 8 hours and feeling heat for about 18. I tried rubbing alcohol, lemon juice, olive oil, milk and ended up with ice packs on them for a couple hours. I thought every time I looked at my hands the flesh would be falling off of them they hurt so bad. The jam turned out good though. K was over and helped with the stirring because my hands were to hot to keep stirring, I had to run them under cold water every 5 minutes.

The jalapeno jam has been a huge success along with the bran muffins with fresh in season fruit.


Port Austin Farmers Market

Well have blueberry lemon preserves, roasted red pepper spread, jalepeno jam and veggie spread/relish all canned and ready to go! I’m very nervous about attending my first farmers market as a vendor. Never realized what a scardy cat I was!